Register To Become Gardening Consultant

"The Passion you have towards gardening is really appreciative and when we have a garden of our own at home, addressing and understanding the issues that we face in garden are challenging sometimes not only for a beginner gardener, but also for a expert gardener.
Our idea is to address the same with our Garden Consultants who can offer invaluable services, saving time and treasure while ensuring the well-being of gardens and both commercial and private estates.
Garden consultant is somebody who can address the issue and provide a independent solution or advise with the experience he/she has at their home garden.
There are many and varying specialist talents available from these highly skilled professionals, but until now locating a particular solution to a problem has been time consuming and difficult. Now and for the first time, My Dream Garden took a forward step to identify Gardening Enthusiasts as Independent Gardening Consultants who are available to provide the advice you require and lend their hand to resolve issues at garden with their knowledge and experiences."

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